Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April National Poetry Month

I haven't been here for a while but I did post three poems on my other blog so I thought I should put them up here as well:


There was something in his eyes
That caught me suddenly by surprise.
"Eat one of these and then drink that"
I watched him turn into a cat.
An elephant then appeared,
You might have thought it would seem wierd.
But no,
We hardly thought it strange at all
To see a mouse more than 10 feet tall.
Our lunch was purple mango leaves
On plates made from golden sheaves.
"I'll leave you now," he said to me
Beneath the blooming apple tree.
I watched him as he stole away.
The butler came and cleared the tray.
And now I sit beneath the moon,
waiting for the fiddler's tune
To call the rocking boat to shore
And take me past forevermore.


If you had thought to look
Just beyond the silver brook,
You may have met a chatty jay
Who would have led you down the way
To the meadow, green and gold
Where, I'd often heard it told -
By those who seem to know it well -
Is the place the where the fairies dwell.
If you take the time to gaze
Through the early evening haze.
You will see them flit and fly
Until they've fairly filled the sky.
Some scoffers will say not true,
But trust me dear, I'm telling you.
It's not birds or bees
That flit and fly around those trees.
I have heard the fairies tinkling laughs,
And felt the swish as they've flown passed.
One afternoon I fell asleep
Beneath the giant alder tree.
I woke just as the moon began to rise.
Right there before my very eyes
The fairy princess took her place
Upon her throne of Queen Annes lace.
The other fairies also came.
To my surprise they knew my name.
They wished me well and on my way,
And so I left though I would've liked to stay.
But often you will find me here
So if you'd like we can both draw near,
To see if there are fairies again to see,
In the haze near the alder trees.

Come with me when nights are dark
And we will sing with the meadowlark.
Come with me down to the shore
And we will laugh and sing some more.
I want our time to last and last
But you are growing far to fast
So tonight we will catch fireflies.
Tomorrow, we'll chase flutterbyes.
We'll spend our summers at the lake
I will teach you how bake.
We'll make our wishes on the stars,
Catch tadpoles and keep them in a jar,
Together we will watch the clouds change shape
You will wear magic cape.
Time will pass ... until too soon.
I will miss you beneath a harvest moon.
But when the night is very dark
My heart will hear you sing with the meadowlark.

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