Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The first 300 of thirty

Dearest Iris,

Have you had heard about Wayne’s illness? I wanted to bring you up to speed since my last letter. Spring had been in full bloom here. The trees were a riot of flower blossoms. All the greens were vibrant and the birds were chirping. There was hope in the air but inside our home it had become darker and darker.
Wayne had been having pains in his arms and there was no understanding it. He would become tired easily and his breathing was oftentimes labored. He has always been very active so sitting and resting was not something he wished to do. All of the symptoms had begun shortly after a hunting trip he’d been on so we assumed he was recovering from that.
When the doctor found the lump there wasn’t fear just a “let’s take care of this” attitude, but after the biopsy the fear came. The doctor directed us to visit his colleague in Nebraska. We set an appointment and flew out two days later. Two agonizing days while the birds chirped and the flowers bloomed and I googled lumps and cancer and men in their 50’s.
Omaha was gloomy and grey and 36 degrees The cold rain did nothing to lift our spirits. Little did we know that we would be spending seven weeks there. Those were some of the darkest days I have ever lived through. We battled against death, cancer and even Wayne’s body. He used drugs, chemotherapy and natural supplements. Spring came to Nebraska late but we were happy to see it as it brought renewed hope to our spirits
We arrived at home yesterday. Summer had arrived while we were. gone and I smiled as I looked around the place. It was time to get on with living.


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