Monday, January 24, 2011

I will declare these truths!

Here I stand at break of day,
Ready for what may come my way.
But there is one who dwells in dark
who is set for battle - weapons out.
My enemy desires a fight.
He's planned and strategized all night,
and so he taunts me with past sin,
but I've no need to enter in.
He may be strong, but truth's stronger still.
Though he knows past weaknesses, all his truths are lies.
I am not now who I once was, I will not partner when he tries,
To come to me with words accusing,
tormenting or abusing.
I will stand, no matter what is said
And declare truths meant to crush his head
Of who I am as God's dear one.
Truths of strength against all sin.
Rruths that stand amidst the self condemning din.
I am the head and not the tail.
My God is good and never fails.
He take good care of me, he's always near.
He keeps me from defeat and fear.
I have no need to fear of lack.
He brings me joy, He's got my back.

So with head up I'll walk today,
And send Satan on his way.
I declre these truths and say,
My soul will prosper and not fall away.
Whats more I'll bring these truths to those
who haven't heard or havent known
that God has made a way for them
a rescue from the pain of sin.
How to enter his gentle peace
and make the condemntaion cease,
to bring his healing and his love
Not from me but from above.
The truth is what will win the day
No might of mine will do.
So as I go on along my way I will declare these truths!

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