Sunday, January 9, 2011

I wonder

I wonder how this could be.
How one so young and strong could so quickly lie in sweet repose.
The battle lost against a cell that would not die and now has brought him low.
And now I ache and question why?
Were our prayers not strong
or long enough to defeat the death that should have no sting?
Was my love too weak, distracted by much lesser things?
I know that You are able to defeat the one that stole this son
And so I wonder...
How amidst our pain you would not step in and wage the battle that would raise him from his bed?
My questions midst my grief, double edged,
for I believed against what was seen that the victory would be won
not on the otherside but here
In full view of all
that You would raise him up,
straight and tall

And what of lesser things that fill my prayers everyday…
What does this mean in regard to those?
Is there hope on this side that You will hear and answer while the day is still light
for things not nearly so consuming as the hope for life?
I know your nature is true and good and that he is well within your grasp
But I am here amidst the pain
As I ache and mourn, and try to comprehend
Stung by this,
Can I trust you still for bread, and health
Hope, for winning battles small?
I wonder how this could be.

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