Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hurray its Today!

Standing on the edge of a broken past and a hopeful tomorrow I watch as the flames of the fire dance in the night air. They leap higher and higher and then settle down only to flame again. The next morning I walk to the edge of Lake Mary and watch the ripples expanding from a spot somewhere off to my left. The morning sky turning a grey purple, pink and blue and then suddenly alive for one brief moment, bursting with light. Its then I realize I’ve been holding my breath. Wishing for tomorrows that will no longer hold me tied to the small silver chain at my ankle that when yanked throws me to the ground, held captive by meaningless regret I long for freedom again. Freedom to dance and run into expanded joy.
No more wasted tears on mistakes and missed opportunities. I chose this day to walk into the adventure that’s before me, enjoying every bit of the now that’s been presented to me by a good God in a good mood who has good planned for me. There is treasure to be found. No more holding my breath, I need to take great gulps of it. Breath in, breathe out so that I will be able to do some water walking, art creating, worshipful living. Hurray its today with wonderful tomorrows ahead!

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