Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year New Goals!

I've got big plans for the new year but of course haven't gotten very far with them so I thought I'd tak inkygirl's challenge of 250 words a day starting now:

The Truth

“The truth, I just want the truth.” She said emphatically looking into his eyes begging him to share a safe truth, a good truth, the right truth. After all the truth shall set you free or so she’d heard. Facts are facts her father used to say. There are no good or bad facts there are just facts. The truth is just facts so it wouldn’t, couldn’t, shouldn’t hurt her.
“You can’t handle the truth?” she heard Jack Nicholson say in her head. And who was it, oh yeah Pontious Pilate, who asked Jesus “What is truth?”
“I just want the truth,” she said again, calmly, quietly. Of course she thought she knew the truth and she was certain that the truth, simple facts could not hurt her.
“You just think you want the truth. Do we really need to do this? You say you trust me. Trust me then and let’s just go on from here and never look back knowing that there are fresh starts. This can be our do over, our delete and rewrite. Please let’s not go there with this.”
“Just the truth, I need to know. Then we will go on.”
He looked out the window and saw the grey cat half hidden in the bushes near the bird feeder. Watching, waiting, expressionless except for a certain something in around the eyes but when the bird came and landed a bit to close. It was lunch.
Then he told her the truth and of course, laying in and amongst the facts was the betrayal.

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