Sunday, October 18, 2009


Freedom! The breeze whispered of it. Freedom! The air hummed with it. Freedom! The large butterfly tugged longing for it. As I held tight to the end of yards upon yards of the light white filament that held the kite tethered to this place. With the wind tousling my hair, I looked around at the neighborhood children racing up and down, up and down the little street on scooters and bicycles and rollerskates. I breathed deep and then let the end of the string come loose the kite taking off for locales unknown.

“Mama! Oh no Mama, catch it, catch it!” Her eyes wide.

“I’m sorry baby it’s gone.”

“But where did is it going?”

“Its going to find something. We’ll get you another one no worries. Now go play.” Sigh. Freedom.