Sunday, January 10, 2010

Don't wait

Don’t miss the morning.
Don’t miss the day.
Don’t miss the evening that will soon be on the way.
There’s sunshine and rainbows and starlight to see.
Don’t miss it.
Don’t miss it,
For there you’ll find me.
Hidden beneath and beyond and behind,
Waiting to see if you’ll try to find,
The good things just waiting for you.
Its hard to believe it but its really true,
There are wonderful thing there just look and you’ll see.
And if you look even further then there you’ll find me.
The giver of good things, the one you adore,
The one who’s planned a future of so very much more.
So don’t lay abed,
Don’t close your eyes,
Don’t stay behind doors that would shut you inside.
Be blessed by the so much, the wonderous great,
That’s waiting for you,
So hurry, don’t wait.

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