Tuesday, January 12, 2010

believe the rumors

My butterfly mind loves to wander from flower to flower to flower. When that gets boring I’m ready for skimming along, just above, the water in the stream tempting the fates and the large fish that lay just below the surface glassy eyed and gloomy. They perk up a bit as I skim past but ha ha I’m too fast for them. I laugh all the way as I flutter by the bramble bushes. The buzzing of the bees there always makes me smile. Then I’ll twist and twirl like a fairy princess in and among the leaves of the big lilac tree.
The spring is my favorite time with every other tree having blossoms of pink, red, yellow or white, the air thick with the smell of lemon blossoms and jasmine. The breezes cool but the sun warm as I stretch my wings slowly just to show off the iridescence of my own mosaic of color.
I am exceedingly thankful for having been rescued from the drudgery of walking day after day after day; only able to see directly in front of me and only dreaming about a totally different life that I was destined for. Of course then it was only a rumor and at that an utterly ridiculous one. How could a short sighted, blue green, ever widening caterpillar become a winged butterfly, light as the breeze, joyful in the sun with hardly a care but to enjoy all that had been created for me to dance in? At yet it is worth it believe in what might be rumored to be true if it is more glorious than you can imagine.

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