Thursday, January 14, 2010


Please give to the earthquake efforts in Haiti! There are many reputable organizations in many countries trying to provide aid if you can give a little or you can give a lot please help!

One moment its business as usual and the ordinary, irritating things of everyday seem to cause such angst and pain. Molehills are mountains and every little adversity is a major travesty. And then the ground begins to shake and the walls begin to quake. The sound of what seems a huge locomotive is heard all along the countryside. There’s rattling and slamming and breaking of glass. Wrenching and tearing of wall board and plaster. The land tosses back and forth like the sea. There’s no place firm to stand and its pitch dark. Walls are jumping out in front of you as fear and panic sieze you. Trying to get your babies you run barefoot through broken glass and use superhuman strength to push open doors jammed shut by every piece of furniture in the room.
Finally you are holding them close, and in the eerie silence that follows you are grateful to find that you have all survived. The pain from cuts and bruising barely registering in your conscious as you quiet the tears and fears of your little ones. But after just a few minutes have passed the rocking begins again. The children shriek and grab tightly to your neck and you, yourself can barely keep it together. What you have never heard is that the aftershocks, some small and barely perceptible and others so much larger they will feel like the first one, will continue for days, weeks, even months lessening in frequency with the passing of time, but every single one bringing the fear and the panic of that very first time. Business as usual will never be the same once the solid ground under your feet is no longer something you can rely on.

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