Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sarah's prompt: Night train (in honor of john ryan)

A little moaning and groaning, a little huffing and puffing, a little further to go. While the rest of the world sleeps, on and on it goes. Slowing a bit here, then picking up steam. Occasionally those who know how all this runs, check to make sure everything is going as expected. Like the engineer they keep checking their watches as if to keep the train moving. Chugga chugga, chugga chugga.
The wind is howling, the rain is pouring, literally coming down in sheets in all directions. Suddenly there is a stillness but they continue forward, chugga chugga, chugga chugga. A course has been laid so they press on. Occasionally he gets up and stretches his legs, then he settles in again, patting her hand, giving her a kiss.
Huffing and puffing, with the destination a few short hours away there aren’t any real surprises, but its all new territory for both of them. They try not to show their anxiety, but is the way its supposed to go? It seems like they've been going uphill hours the whole way. This trip has been planned for years, and all though they’ve been expecting all of it, its been quite an adventure ever since the date was set, and changed and then set. The waiting will soon be over, chugga chugga, chugga chugga.
More checking of the gauges, making sure everything is progressing as expected. It seems everytime they settle down for a moment someone is coming in to check something. The dawn breaks clearer. Excitement visible on both their faces, although her’s is a bit more worn then his. Almost to the end, breathing deep, pressing forward in excitement. Looks like this train ride is over as the doctor exclaims, “It’s a boy!”

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