Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sarah's prompt: these things are essential, those things are not.

Whispering my name just when I need to hear it the most
Dancing in the park under a pale moon
Soft sweet caresses and gentle kisses
Knowing how I like things and making that matter
Making me laugh out loud even when you’re not here
Knowing when not to speak
Wanting me always
Loving me forever

These things are essential

Letting me always have my way
Giving me space
Making lots of money
Getting ahead
Buying things for me

Those things are not ……. remember


pierre l said...

That was a lovely story Gina. I have also just re-read your piece in "your messages", and enjoyed that too (very appropriate since we seem to be having a long winter in the UK this year).

trying to write ... said...

Thanks so much... I have been having a very hard time writing lately, so I appreciate the encouragement very much!