Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Dec 4

I slipped through a crack in the blinds. Sometimes it’s through a keyhole or a little chink in the wall but today there was a crank in the blinds and I could just make out the salmon and red of the new roses, a bit of green on the leaves and a ray of sunshine trying to break into the darkness of the room.
I couldn’t stand it any longer. Dark and dusty and demanding, there were bills on the desk that needed paying and laundry and the dishes needing to be done. I was overwhelmed with tasks and I wanted none of it. I wanted to be free of it all. I needed a break and when I looked up the sunshine was winking at me. As I drew nearer I saw the rose and its leaves and I couldn’t stand it any longer so out I slipped. Out of the house and into the crispness of the late autumn. It had been a fairly mild one at that and so most of the flowers were still blooming and the grass although starting to turn brown still had enough green in it to surprise you for December 4th.
There were birds everywhere. I hadn’t lived here long enough to know whether they were migrating in or migrating out but I imagined that they were probably not the birds from the summer.
The trees had dropped most of there leaves, which was actually kind of fun, since I could see the balls of mistletoe in so many of them it made me smile. I imagined young lovers walking through them holding hands and having to stop every few feet to kiss under the mistletoe.
I still felt tethered to the house and so I started walking further until the road turned to dirt. As I walked down that dirt road there was a bend and there behind some evergreens was a little stream. I headed up the stream bed and in the coolness of it I found shiny stones. Where the sun did manage to peak through it sent diamonds skittering across the water. My foot slipped and now my shoe was wet but of course that's what happens on an adventure. Mmmm, I breathed in the freshness of it all.
Then the phone rang and I was back in the kitchen with a sink now overflowing onto the tile floor. Next time before I escape I should probably turn off the water.

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