Monday, December 3, 2007

Dec 3

The big Teddy bear that sits in an upstairs window has a new hat on. It seems he’s planning on company this evening. His hat is a deep crimson red that goes with the plaid on his new vest. I’ve never seen him looking so dapper. His glass eyes are shining as bright as the brass buttons on his black velvet coat.
I’ve just come back from the nursery, the velveteen rabbit said she’d heard that indeed there’s a new bear in town. Rumor has it she’s cinnamon colored with the softest fur. She was at the opening of the Nutcracker. That is where Teddy was introduced to her. They had a rather short conversation when Bess invited her friend Miss Amelia Wilson to come and see our Christmas tree, and she’s bringing Cinnamina Bear with her. So they will be here this evening at half past seven. Tea will be served by dear little Bess and her friend is bringing cookies. All the animals can’t wait to meet her.
Teddy has been at various times excited, nervous, cross, and anxious but he is much better now that he has had a nap. Bess has been very good about putting her toys away. She has had a bath. She has bows in her hair to match her pretty plaid dress. Her dress is the very same plaid as Teddy’s vest.
Oh goodness I hear the bell! There are voices in the hall. Bess trying to be very ladylike did not run down the hall to meet her friend, but instead, walked with her head up straight even as she went down the stairs, until of course, she got to the last two steps and couldn’t contain herself any longer and jumped down. Laughing and hugging her friend. They giggled and squealed when they discovered that they were both wearing plaid dresses.
Teddy was very pleased to see Cinnamina blush just a bit when she saw that the plaid on her dress came very close to matching the plaid on his vest as well. Then the four of them went into the living room to sit around the Christmas tree and enjoy their tea.
I just love the holidays, don’t you?

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