Wednesday, December 5, 2007

daydreams - Dec 5

Its cold this morning. I tell myself as I’m getting in the shower that I need to remember to grab my gloves.
The water is hot. The room becomes steamy and I think of you. I wonder where you are and what you are doing right at this moment. I spend far too long dreaming of what might not ever happen and finally I rinse off. Its then I realize that there is no towel to be found in the bathroom. It would be so nice to have you here. I could call to you and you would bring my towel and wrap me in it and your love, covering me with kisses until you were wet as well. Sadly, you are not here.
The hall is neither steamy nor warm and now there is a puddle that runs from the shower to the linen closet. I am one giant goose bump and shivering. I run back to the bathroom almost slipping on the wet tile floor.
Half past already and I have only twenty minutes to get everything done. Hmmm, it looks like I’m going to be late no matter what. So instead of rushing I decide I may as well take my time, I get dressed and then go down the hall and start the coffee.
Back to the bathroom to put on my makeup and finish my hair. With the blow dryer going I imagine ocean breezes and think of us below the giant palm trees outside our room. I wonder if you think about our honeymoon and if you would prefer to go to the Pacific islands or the Caribbean islands.
I pour my coffee and imagine Sunday mornings, reading the paper with you. Will you want the funnies first or the sports section? Or will we read the comics together sitting together on the big chair dressed in our pajamas with our coffee cups side by side on the coffee table.
Glancing at the clock I see that I am already late. I give them a call and say something about car trouble but I’m on the way. In the car traffic is slow and I’ve not gone very far when I discover that I’ve forgotten my gloves, again. Will you remember these little details for me when you are mine? I smile, it will be so lovely to have you to “have and to hold” and suddenly I’m much warmer and not missing my gloves so much.
I park my car, and slip slide my way to the door. Take the elevator to the fourth floor and then I pass you and a colleague in the hall.
“Good morning,” I say, smiling broadly as I sail past you.
“Who was that?” I hear you ask your colleague.
“June Michaels, she works in purchasing.” I smile as the door closes behind me.

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