Thursday, November 1, 2007


so there's this contest sort of thing that i'm going to try and participate in...

As previously mentioned, Lynne Rees and Sarah Salway, are challenging you to join in with their Your Messages project, and all you have to do to take part is write a 300 word (and it has to be exactly 300 word) response to this, their first Message of the month.

Not got the time today? Well, that's OK, they will be putting a new Message up every day throughout November, and picking the best of them for inclusion in a special "Your messages" book to be published in the New Year.

and perhaps become published who knows ... its thirty days of 300 words (exactly) ... below is my post for today.

It was grey and overcast. There was a report of a plane crash just north of the city and then a chance of snow. She heard both reports with her eyes closed debating whether to hit the snooze button. It was so grey that she just wanted to sleep but she forced herself out of bed and into the shower.
Thoughts of the day ahead kept her moving and she pulled on a pair of jeans and the blue sweater he had given her the weekend in the mountains. She looked at herself in the mirror and could almost feel him standing behind her. She brushed the thought away as she brushed her hair. She poured her coffee in her travel mug and as she slipped on her jacket she noticed the blinking light on the answering machine but glanced at her watch and knew she was out of time so headed out the door.
If possible it was even darker now and the temperature was frigid. She reached in her pockets but of course - no gloves. She started for the bus and as she rounded the corner she saw it pulling away. She was not going to wait for another so she hailed a taxi and headed to her office.
She reached into her bag, no cellphone it was on the dresser. She settled back in the seat for the 10 minute ride to her office and unbidden thoughts of the week at the beach with him came to mind. She caressed the memory for a few minutes but they were almost to her office and she had no more time for him.
That of course had been the problem all along. Except for a weekend here and a week there they never had time for each other.

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