Friday, November 2, 2007

messages - submission nov 2

The men sat around the fire. They laughed and drank as they had every year. It was their escape from drudgery of the life of the city. The life of the fashionistas. Dressed in the uniform of their recreation, blue jeans, long sleeved tshirts and flannel shirts, they were comfortable and warm.
There was a rustling just beyond the light of the fire. She emerged for a moment but there was no mistaking that she had been there. Tall and naked the men were drawn to this creature of legend. Wild and free she had not become a slave to the ideal of the time. There was a shout from one of the men and she ran off through the woods. They grabbed their guns and ran after her. They were coming quickly and a shot rang out but they did not know the forest as she did.
She lead them deeper towards the ravine. Through the darkness and the mist she ran and then suddenly disappeared. They hollered back and forth trying to stay close to each other as they sensed the impending danger. Suddenly as if in response to their fears there was a shout and they heard the sound of one of their own go crashing down the ravine.
They made their way back to camp, quieter now and waited. This had happened before and they knew that he would return to camp eventually although he would be stripped of his clothing.
The women surrounded him and divided his clothing among themselves. The target picked first and took the flannel shirt. The others had brought her other clothes and she slipped them on. Once he was stripped down to his boxers they left him alone.
The women headed back to home and planned their next shopping trip.

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