Saturday, November 3, 2007

messages - submission nov 3

Suddenly there’s a rush of noise and great shards of light came burning into your eyes.
“Drank some kind of poison”
“What kind?”
“Don’t know they found her like this.”
Blissfully the noise subsides. There’s Maggie. The two of you had spent so much time together at University. Beautiful, brilliant and hysterically funny. The two of you spent hour upon hour running around town laughing, drinking beer, wasting days, weeks, and yet Maggie had still managed a 3.8 for the semester.
Again the noise and now horrible pain as they shoved the tube up your nose and down your throat and you could feel yourself gagging. How could this have happened? You had been so happy together earlier on but as days and weeks blurred into years the silences between you and the criticism had brought you to the place that any extended period of time together made you think about drinking poison. The conversations would go from pleasantness to pain and then silence as you pondered which might kill you quickest.
Ah silence! There you are laughing as you disembark from the plane. Barcelona! 8 days in Barcelona with… what was his name? You remember riding through the countryside during the day and spending long nights drinking gallons of wine and incredible passion.
They say your life will flash before you as you’re dying but it turns out to be more like a train ride -zipping past some parts and then slowing again for others.
Beaches of coral and little waves, Key West, Cuban sandwiches pressed flat at the laundrymat and handed over the counter with bitter tasting Dixie cups of Cuban coffee.
“Her blood pressure is dropping!”
“We’re losing her!”
And then that horrible light again cutting into every part of you and then that dreadful, terrible silence.

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