Sunday, November 4, 2007

messages - submission nov 4

As she began to emerge from her cocoon, lighter than air she began to laugh and sing – in the shower or as she strolled down the street. Even her eyes began to dance.
Her freer self began to appear. At first she thought she was mistaken when she saw it reflected in someone, some man’s eyes. One day while rushing in out of the rain she saw a reflection in the window and had to stop and turn back to see – not recognizing herself.
But how had it happened? She was suddenly taller, more graceful. She pushed herself to run further now no longer for the freedom it had begun to bestow upon her but also to catch the beauty that was apparently there to be caught.
She had become convinced that the lesser self that had enveloped her was who she was. This other that happened as women grew older. This kind of stodgy, solid self. You know the sort that young men don’t see and women aren’t threatened by. The kind of woman welcome at parties because they bring good chips and dips and have a pleasant demeanor.
After all she had been that other for so long. But now. Now! Here she was like a beautiful swallowtail stretching itself out after emerging from her cocoon. Exercising her wings … until she was lifted high.
She knew that she had become when suddenly reflected in the eyes of the dearest of her brother’s companions she saw a flame she had never encountered before. Long after she had decided singleness and a cat would be her life. She had not expected to find it but there it was … burning in her direction. She felt it as she shook his hand and heard it there hidden in his laughter.

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