Monday, November 5, 2007

messages - submission nov 5

Michael reached behind him while chatting on his cell to grab a chocolate bar when his hand encountered the softest skin he had ever touched. He started to turn dropping his cell, the loaf of bread and bumping into the woman in front of him.
“I beg your pardon, “he mumbled as he bent to pick up his phone and the bread. He heard a little tinkling of a giggle from behind him. Trying to regain some composure he turned to see a bit of a pixie face with beautiful green eyes staring up at him. “Ummm, hello.”
“Hi,” she said, her eyes still laughing.
“Michael Malone,” he said extending the hand that still held the cell phone which was clearly still on and someone on the other end was trying to be heard. He looked down at the phone. “Sorry.” He put the phone to his ear and turned his back to her.
After he’d arrived at home and went to put the bread away he saw the chocolate bar. She must have placed it on the conveyor belt while he was talking. He sighed recalling her eyes, pert nose and pointed chin . Idiot! He hadn’t even bothered to get her name – too busy with the business at hand. He unwrapped the chocolate – took a bite and imagined her laughter again.
Four times that week he stopped at the grocery store hoping to run into her but all he had was four loaves of bread to show for it.
Saturday he got ready early. He took the stairs two by two as he headed out to meet his nephews at the park. His cell rang as he went through the doors he dropped it. He heard that tinkling laugh behind him and turned. There she stood.
The chocolate pixie!

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