Tuesday, November 6, 2007

messages submission nov 6

Two years old and pretty as a picture. She walks around the house in her little purple crown saying, “princess, princess.” She’s happy with Cinderella, Ariel, Diego and Dora. Blueberries make her happy, although she seems to be a bit allergic but I give them to her anyway.
Happiness, you see it in her whole body, from the way her hair flies around her to the twinkle in her eyes and the little skip in her run - happiness in blue jeans and a Dora T-shirt.
She doesn’t have to think about all these hard questions … if Dora is on and she has a bottle of milk, her little lamb and her bear blanket she is happy. There isn’t the struggle with ends justifying the means. There are no goals. She doesn’t worry about tomorrow. She doesn’t dwell on yesterday. Happiness is bubbles in the bath or not and just splashing.
How do I get back to that? Where I don’t spend my days miserable for what I don’t have or what I do have. Where I ‘m not stressing about what didn’t happen yesterday or what’s going to happen tomorrow. Where can happiness be found.
I want to be carefree, burden less – like a child happy in the moment. Happy to be going outside and I’m not worried about the heat or the bugs or the neighbors stray dogs.
I want to sleep, deep dreamless sleep content not even aware that there is a future to fret about. And awaken happy as a small child who doesn’t worry where breakfast comes from but finds as she rises in the morning – piles of steaming hotcakes and syrup, just the right kind of orange juice and adventure in the everyday or a morning of cartoons.
That would be happiness.

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