Wednesday, November 7, 2007

messages - submission nov 7

That’s what the books and movies will try to make you believe but of course I know better. As I pick up the trash around the house, do the dishes and fold the laundry. The sameness of it all makes it impossible to focus. My mind is numb as I wander through the house putting the remote back on the television stand, putting the semi damp towels on the rack in the bathroom and then before I leave the room putting the cap back on the toothpaste.
“What exciting things do we have planned for the day,” I say to no one in particular – because of course there’s no one in particular to say them too. Oh yes, there’s the upstairs bathroom that needs cleaning, the front flower bed that needs weeding and we need to run to town to drop of the dry cleaning and pick up some milk and a loaf of bread. It’s an exciting life but someone has to live it, I think to myself.
I pour myself a cup of coffee. I sit down at my computer and pay the light and water bills, transfer some money and check my email, nothing but spam.
After cleaning the bathroom and running the sweeper I slip on my shoes and take my keys off the hook. The drycleaners, the bank, the grocery store, I check the chores off my list. Nothing really changes I think to myself. Now that all my tasks have been accomplished I stop at Starbucks to indulge myself.
From behind me I hear, “Hello beautiful,” and I find myself looking up into the deepest blue eyes I have ever seen. Then suddenly he is kissing me. This is how quickly it can happen, you think. This is how quickly your life can change.

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