Thursday, November 8, 2007

messages - submission nov 8

You walk away from the table, keys strewn every which way and put the kettle on to boil. A nice cup of tea will help. Turn the TV on and start to flip through the 126 stations. Go into the office, and turn on the computer. Sign in to AIM just to see if he’s on then sign off so he won’t know you were on if he signs in. You begin to surf the net and 40 minutes later you go into the kitchen to put more water in the kettle as there is none left. You raze on every edible thing you can find - two carrots, a hard boiled egg, some chips, three snack size bags of M & M’s, a hand full of cereal.
Not looking at the table you walk back into the study and surf the net again. For the next 50 minutes you read bloglink from bloglink until you wonder to yourself how you ended up reading about some 14 year old girl in Pakistan who’s mad at her sister for taking her colored pencils. You walk in the kitchen. Turn off the stove. You find yourself listening to the television and realize you’re listening to the post game report of some college basketball team.
Maybe some shopping or a Starbucks. Your cell phone rings but you decide not to answer it. On the fourth ring you think what if it’s him and go running to find where you left the damn phone and when you finally find it its too late but it wasn’t him anyway.
Shoes, looking for shoes. Sigh, ok got the purse and out to the car. Keys …. Where the hell are the damn keys? You walk back inside, and sit down holding his key in your hand.

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