Friday, November 9, 2007

messages - submission nov 9

“Come on,” he says laughing. “I want to take you to this place.”
“What place?”
“A little restaurant, I went to with a guy from work. I know you’ll love it.”
“How do you know?” I ask.
“I know you. Trust me. You will.”
We drive across town in a pouring down rainstorm, through 6 inch deep puddles with the radio blaring and he holds my hand. We pull up in to what is clearly not one of the better eating establishments in the area and I look at him.
“Trust me,” he says.
We dash out of the car, headed for the door when suddenly he blocks my way and in the warm summer rain, wraps his arms around me and begins to kiss me , softly, deeply, drinking the rain from my lips. It’s only a few moments but we are soaked to the skin. He takes my hand and we go under the awning and into the hole in the wall masquerading as a restaurant. I start to slip on the tile floor but he catches me before I fall and kisses me again.
He orders hot tea and then our dinner without allowing me to even look at the menu. When I start to protest, he puts his finger to my lips.
“Trust me, I know you, you’ll love this.”
When the food comes its incredible! Different than anything I’ve ever tasted! It’s delightful and I’m laughing at how much I’m enjoying it. The look in his eyes is startling.
“What?” I ask him.
“Nothing. I just love to please you.” His words touch my heart. I touch his face and kiss him.
“How did you know I would like it?”
He laughs. “I know you.”
“How did you know?”
“I know you, I pay attention.”

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