Saturday, November 10, 2007

messages - submission nov 10

It would have never happened if you hadn’t come along! Unexpected in your arrival, yet everything is rose colored with you. We go, we run, we play and I am no longer self conscious. I see the love reflected in your eyes. The sound of your laughter encourages me on to greater silliness. Boundaries are unknown. I can do anything. You tell me and I believe you and I believe that you believe it and wish to not disappoint.
Together we run for no reason, sit when we’re tired and lay about if we chose. There is no tomorrow only today. I watch you learning new things and think I can learn new things too.
Your laughter fills my heart and I can tell stories for hours of your many accomplishments and escapades. I’m afraid everyone around me is a little bored with all the chattering on of how “my love does this or that or the other” and I know I should stop, when I suddenly remember something truly fabulous that you did or said and I go on and on and on.
Who would have thought that you could have released this in me? This joy, this creativity, this desire to go and do and be or this contentment in this place. I am happy as a clam – if in fact, clams are happy.
Don’t get me wrong there were and are times when I’m at my wits end with you. You have made me so tired I thought I would drop, so frustrated I could scream and so completely at a loss and fearful when I didn’t know what was wrong with you that I didn’t know what to do.
But you – my darling child – you have given me the greatest gift. You have given me life.

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InRepair14 said...

I find it amazing how the most complex and painful trials in life often seem to transform themselves into God's greatest gifts and blessings.