Sunday, November 11, 2007

messages - submission nov 11

Just a connection that’s all he’s looking for. The loneliness has overtaken every part of his being. For brief moments here and there we escape it but for so many those moments become further and further between. After awhile the search ceases and there is a settling on a life without it, the connection.
He will not settle, he knows it is out there. One time he was walking through a store and felt it, somewhere there. But he could not find it.
He dials another number and waits. Hello? Hello? He hears laughter in the background and then click. Sigh. How to find it? The answer to the waking dream of belonging. The answer to the nightmare that is aloneness and separation.
He goes to work. He comes home. He dials the phone. Hello…. He goes to bed. The pattern continues. The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result. The result remained the same and unable to break out of the routine it continues week after week after week.
“Come with us tonight.” One of the men he works with invites him out with some friends. This one time he goes. Together the men laugh and talk and although he doesn’t truly feel as though he is a part of them something changes. Something shifts ever so slightly.
He goes home that night. It’s late and he showers and goes straight to bed. In the morning things are somehow slightly different. He makes his way to the office and there’s a new girl at the reception desk. Just as he’s walking past the men from the night before come up and greet him. She smiles at him as he walks by and he feels a bit of a connection.

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