Sunday, October 28, 2007

i wonder

i wonder when the time will come that she is not so brave
as to wave hello to things she fears
as if inviting them closer
i wonder if she will always laugh nervously when she is
unsure of things about her
i wonder if she will always run with a little skip
if her tomorrows will be bright and filled with laughter
if she will always say "oh wow"
and "oh man"
and practice new words over and over outloud in her bed
if she will remember to say please and thank you
and be grateful and gracious
and filled with light
and if she will keep coming to get kisses for her booboos

i wonder and hope and pray and fear for the future is so close and i don't wish for her to lose the joy that abounds in her heart and dances in her eyes and is evident in her running up and down the hall for no reason except to make the dogs chase her.

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