Wednesday, September 5, 2007

impending danger

i had not planned on being destroyed ... when the time was right i would change course, i would escape before the danger was upon me ... i would stop what i was doing and go in a safe direction before the damage would be done

on the distant horizon, dark sky, sharp flashes of lightening and rolling thunder .... clearly danger was on the way .... hail warnings - flash flood warnings - tornado warnings but the sky is not dark here and so i continue on my way - doing the things i do....

the grayness begins to move in ... and then it seems to clear or at least lessen for a time ... yet there is the warning ... seek shelter while it can be found.... but there appears to be no danger where i am ... and so i remain ... not fearful ... not worried ... should it come i will see it in time and escape when if i need to

there are more signs of a terrible storm headed my way, the wind has changed direction but i go on "business as usual"... i fold the laundry, get a glass of iced tea, let out the cat ... again comes an alarm ... beware - be wise ... but i remain unmoved continuing with what is my familiar routine ... pausing from time to time even considering whether i should stop what i am doing and try to escape but not recognizing the nearness of it all i continue with what i am doing

suddenly it is upon me and surprised i wonder - how could this have come so quickly?... the flood waters rise - the day turns to night and i am overwhelmed and overcome and finally consumed

destroyed simply because i had not recognized the force and proximity of the peril

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