Thursday, January 2, 2014

What Are You Doing New Years Eve? by Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-L...


What are you doing new year's.....I have this song stuck in my head .... and even though new year's eve is past, the song remains - what are you doing new year's?  I am a big resolution/goals girl ... I like to make goals and plans .... shoot for the stars and at least you have a chance at hitting the moon.  If you don't shoot for anything you won't hit anything at all.

So I've made some plans for the new year .... I'm planning to read 50 books this year.  I'm joining some friends and together or separately together we'll be reading 50 books ...  I usually try to do several 20-30 during the summer ....50 seems a very doable goal.

I'm unplugging some this year .... I have noticed (and my little girl has noticed) that I am often distracted by other things .... on my phone .... when she is talking to me or working on homework or whatever after school .... so although you may see a picture or two crop up here and there for the most part my phone will be in driving mode from 2:45 until 7:00 on weekdays .... love you but I've got some priorities that are a little more important than Facebook statuses.

Eating healthy and getting healthy is a long term goal but I am taking some very definite steps in that direction starting with back to juicing and back to walking (plans for a 5k this year too).

I will be doing more photography this year.  Last year I stepped back from it a bit while working on other creative endeavors but 2014 I will be taking more pics for sure,  (some of those 50 books will definitely be photography books)

I plan on doing a lot more writing this year so I am taking two major steps to see that happen .... first of all I have committed to working my way through The Artist's Way course starting today.  And I have joined this group ...

Another focus for me is minimizing the unnecessary.  There are no margins in our lives.  We are busy, busy, busy and surrounded by stuff … so I’ll be tossing a lot of unnecessary stuff (although probably not books or dishes) and saying "no" more often.  I actually started saying no more last year and although guilt does try to get in there, when there isn't time or there is time but  I need it for other things well then sorry … the answer is no.  Please understand that it doesn't mean I don't love you or that I don't want to do whatever it is that needs to be done but I have learned that my priority is closer to home and that's where the main focus should be.

You may notice a lot of self care .... I'll be doing that ...and more importantly spending the time it takes to grow in intimacy with God is my number one priority this year .... and out of that overflow will come creativity and wellness as well.  I am planning on some retreats as well as just daily times of soaking, reading and studying.  (I have a plan to study Esther in great depth this year after a random encounter with someone last year).

I know .... its quite a list .... and did I mention white water rafting? .... and a trip to Reunion Island to visit my French daughter? .... stay tuned .... 2014 is going to be absolutely amazing

So what are you doing with your New Year?

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