Monday, November 12, 2012

A Poem for Veteran's Day

When the guns are finally silent               

And we all go marching home,

And those held in bondage are finally set free,

Will they know and long remember

That the price was great indeed?

And to their children’s children will they share,

Of battles in dark places where the fields would explode

From beneath our feet and high up in the air?

Will their sleep have dreams so gentle

While we battle night and day, to stop the sounds and

Sights  that rage within our minds?

Let them ever then remember, and recall with gentle care

That the freedom that they hold is precious and so very rare.

Its been bought with blood and bone, our hearts and thoughts are altered,

Give them wisdom then to know and be aware

Though the battle may be over, and this victory is won

That still we soldier on

For freedom is not free.

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