Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Requiem for a princess

Where have you gone to my darling, my princess?
I hear your laughter further down the path as I sit amongst the tiny teacups.
Come back, come home. It is too soon for you to be gone.
But there is no reply as I stare mournfully up the garden walk.
The swing set sits still, no pumping legs, no pointing toes.
I recall the picnics under the willow tree of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cut in the shapes of butterflies.
Where have you gone to my lovely, my princess?
With a flurry and a fuss you come running through the door, breathless and excited and bigger than I recall, like Alice after she drank something.
“Can’t stop! Can’t chat! Headed to the masquerade!“ She is followed by her young friends already hidden behind masks of their own.
Stop! Wait! I want to say, No need to hide yourself behind that mask to fit in. But she is gone again, golden tresses flying behind.
I sit with the bear and rock in our chair and miss you.
Where have you gone to my dearest, my princess?
Grown to fast, gone too soon!
Will you remember that you are the prettiest girl I know and my very favorite, pinky swear, girl I love?
Come home, don't go! It cannot be time for you to leave already.
Do not let the princess in you disappear!

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