Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I wish I had a dragon

I wrote this over a year ago but its one of my favorites

I wish I had a dragon
I wish I had a dragon to ride across the skies,
To fly above the mountains to the place the sunset lies.

I wish I had a dragon, I'd never need to fear.
'Fore when mounted on this mighty beast no danger would draw near.

I wish I had a dragon to fly far and fast and free,
Beyond the bonds of duty, of who I ought to be.

We'd fly below the sunrise.
We'd skim across the seas.
We'd soar up with the eagles,
Or just drift upon the breeze.

I'd stop and stare in wonder at all the places I could go.
Places that are magical that others do not know.

I'd find a shining castle hidden high up in the clouds,
And stay a day, a week or more; until we tired of the crowds.

Then I would mount my dragon, and she and I would soar,
To some other wondrous place, upon a distant shore.

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