Monday, January 18, 2010

A Psalm of Returning

Into the night
With no place to stay
I was on the right path
But I wandered away.
Into a desert filled with despair
Then I set up my camp and chose to live there.
In a place that would leave me so tired and worn,
Eyes red from weeping, heart that was torn.

When finally I pulled up the tent pegs to find a new place
There was only remorse but no hope for grace.
But even out there You kept me in sight
Though it seemed I was alone You led by Your light.
I walked on in the desert still sad and alone
Its funny how desert paths still can lead home.
To a place where Your love remains and abounds
Even when I refused to turn ‘round.

But I was still lost in the dark and the dust.
My dreams all were broken with no one to trust.
I wandered amidst thorn bushes deep in the night
Down further to places that were far from the right.
Still no returning, there was no way back
So further I wandered in this place of lack.

But now I hear sounds of rivers that flow
Though I stand on the edge there is lushness below
So I call for Your mercy to lead me to You.
This worn weary traveler wants nothing to do
With far sides of deserts and long lonely places
I need to dwell in the rich of Your graces
I need restoration of mind, heart and soul
It’s only Your mercy that can make me whole.

So send down the flames that will burn away chaff
Take away my mourning and cause me to laugh
In the joy of Your presence, Your Mercy, Your Grace
Let me know You again, let us talk face to face.
Heal the broken, remove the stone.
Give me a heart that wants to stay home.
A heart that will love You, even not knowing
Why you lead me to places I don’t want to be going.
Help me walk close to You, show me Your path
I want to walk with You in fullness or lack.
I need more of Your presence I can’t stand alone,
I want to live with Your heart as my home.

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