Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sarah's prompt: This is what I smell

We walked into the candle shop and suddenly I am transported back to a time of Mary James and eyelet. Spring parties in grandmother’s backyard. The lilacs blooming all around the porch and the wonderful aroma of almond cake, lemon bars and vanilla sconesI makes me smile. The smell of her perfume, tea roses, makes my eyes fill with tears of longing for that time, for that place and most of all for her. It had been twelve years since she had been gone, twenty since the house on Elm had been sold but I missed it so.
“Let’s go get some coffee. I’m dying for something to drink.” Says my friend Mindy.
“That sounds good, I suddenly have a taste for a lemon bar.” I say as we leave the store behind us. But I know that I’ll be back so buy some of those memories and bring them home.

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