Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sarah's Prompt: Explain it to me.

“Explain it to me,” she said.

So thoughtfully and patiently he gave her all of the how’s, and why’s and what will happen if’s.

And she smiled and nodded in all the right places, not really listening at all, except to the timbre of his voice, as she studied the movements of his hands, and saw the pride in his eyes as he spoke about things that occupied his time.

“Explain it to me,” she said.

So passionately and excitedly he told her of his dreams, sharing his visions and desires so boldly and brilliantly that they practically filled the room.

And she leaned in closer to catch every bit of what his tomorrows might hold, where his paths would lead and what she could see he so desperately wanted.

“Explain it to me,” she said.

So drawing near to her he stared deeply into her eyes, revealing his heart.

And she, finally understanding the life and love he wanted to share with her, kissed him.


Naomi said...

aww! i loooove this!

heulyn said...

is this a story?