Friday, March 28, 2008

Sarah's prompt: velvet

The cape was velvet, midnight blue velvet. It fell just above her ankles with four silver, filigreed clasps, inlaid with mother of pearl to hold it closed. There were two deep pockets for her hands, trimmed in grey fox and black satin. The collar also was trimmed in grey fox and black satin.
Beneath her cape she wore a simple short sleeved satin dress. The color seeming to match the mother of pearl in the clasps, she was certain it would shimmer in the firelight of the great hall. She had left her black hair down, long and loose tucked behind her ears so the two small black pearl earrings, iridescent in their silvery greyness, could be seen.
This would be the last time she would see David Whiting before he sailed for France and she wanted to be certain he would remember her on his long voyage. They had been friends for a long time. Only in the most recent months had she come to look on him as something more than a friend, and she believed that perhaps, he felt the same way. When it seemed that he might be getting ready to speak to her father, David had received a letter from his uncle asking him to come to France on urgent business. This party would be the last time she would see him for several months.
When the carriage pulled up to the Whiting mansion, Emily could see that their many of the guests had arrived. The footman helped her down and Colonel Whiting met her at the door. He seemed delighted to see her. Emily had hoped to see David while she had her cape on and she was not disappointed for at that moment he entered the foyer. He stopped and looked at her. She was pleased with the obvious effect she was having on him for he stood there dumbstruck. Colonel Whiting helped her with her wrap and then fussed at his son to escort the “lovely Miss Montague” into the main hall.

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