Friday, March 28, 2008

Prompt from Twitterlit: "Let us begin at the beginning, at an event without which Diego de la Vega would not have been born."

She put the book down and looked at herself in the mirror. It’s all so romantic and wonderful when its words on the page, she thought. But real life, forbidden love, and looking down at her swollen belly, she sighed. The curtain was barely moving although the window was open all the way. She lay back on her pillow feeling little beads of sweat trickling down her back. It was so hot, and she was so big with this baby. Three more weeks, three more, and then what?
She hadn’t decided what her next move would be. She knew she had to make a decision. She could barely figure out how to take care of herself. How was she supposed to take care of herself and a baby? That being said, the couple who wanted to adopt her little boy seemed very nice. They could give him a nice home, lots of love, everything he needed and she could be on her way, as if nothing had happened.
She got up and slipped on her shoes and walked, well waddled really, down to the mailbox. Hoping against hope that maybe, today, there would be a letter from him. That he hadn’t forgotten about what they had and that he wanted her, her and the baby. There was nothing in her box and she slammed it angrily. If he would just write or come for her she wouldn’t have to choose.
That night she sat down and wrote him a letter, another letter. Maybe she would mail this one, this time. He didn’t know about the baby. He should know. But, if he didn’t want her knowing wouldn’t really make any difference would it? She heard rain beginning to hit the pavement outside. She stood up and walked to the window. Looking out into the dark sky she wondered how she had ended up in this place. She started to cry and then her water broke.
She threw the letter in the trash. She'd make the decision on her own. Like the decision to be with him. Like the decision to have the baby. She hoped she wasn’t making a mistake this time. She called her neighbor and was soon headed to the hospital. It was raining harder now.

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