Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sarah's prompt: a late night phone call

It took a minute. I’d been asleep for a while. Probably two hours. At first I thought the ringing was in my dream. But no, I was awake now, and I could hear the phone in the other room. I hurried out of bed, stumbling over the dog.
Probably bad news, I hope everything’s ok, but phone calls late at night tended to be back bad news. Bad news, or wrong numbers.
Thirty minutes later my husband comes into the room.
“Who is it?” I mouth her name but of course he has no idea what I’m saying. “Who?” Slightly louder with my hand over the receiver. “What does she want?” I wave him away. I hear him grumbling as he gets back into bed.
An hour later the dog comes into the living room. I have am empty cup of tea in one hand, the receiver still stuck to my head, I’m covered with an afghan and continue to murmur into the phone.
“Uh huh…. Oh yea…. Of course…Uh huh”
I let the dog out. Turn the thermostat higher. Turn the kettle back on. An hour later I climb back into bed.
“Everything ok?”
“Yea … you know … drama.”

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