Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sarah's prompt: everyone says you're perfect

Everyone says you’re perfect.
But they don’t hear the little stutter when you start to tell a lie.
But they don’t know about the little scar on your chin.
But they don’t see the messes you leave.
But they can’t see the emotions that lay just below the surface.
They don’t see you flinch when you’ve been hurt.
They don’t see the muscles in your face tighten when you hold back the angry words.
They don’t know so many things …but they adore you for what you do, for what you appear to be.

I know you’re not perfect – I know about the lying, the drinking, the fighting, the depression. I know about the messes, the scars, the things that make you human. I know and I love you because you are real, fallible, unreliable, absurdly amusing at inappropriate times. I love you in your humanness and when they are done adoring you remember to come back to this place where there is no adoration and applause. There is just me wanting you, needing you, knowing you, loving you.

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Ginaagain said...

Hi Gina, thanks for visiting my blog. Apparently we have more in common than names and love of books because I'm also a writer. :-) It's so nice to meet you!