Friday, March 21, 2008

prompt from Twitterlit: "It was an uncertain spring."

It was an uncertain spring, one day sunny and bright, the next bitterly cold with freezing rain. It seemed even the flowers in the front flowerbed were uncertain whether to open or not. She would walk out to the porch in the morning; she would look and was certain that any moment the daffodils would begin to wave their pretty little heads in the sun. When she came out in the afternoon the bud had closed up again and no yellow was to be seen on any of them.
The goats were the same. Maisie and Daisie had already had their kids but the rest of them, though it was clear that they had dropped still had not kidded. Goodness. What was she to do? Until all the goats and lambs had been born she was afraid to go to far from the farm and so she whiled away the hours with a little sewing and a lot of daydreaming.
She was fifteen this spring and she wanted to be in love. What she knew of love, the silly romantic kind, where he stares into your eyes and moons over you; and the practical kind where he helps to take out the trash and does some of the chores; the sweet young kind where he opens the door for you and brings you flowers, that was all she knew of love. Mama had been gone 5 springs now and she didn’t see young, loving couples or even old married couples except for church on Sunday and that didn’t happen as often as it should. Papa worked long hours at the factory, and there was the house, the little ones and the animals to tend to. Sometimes six days just weren’t enough to get it all done.
She had had to quit school after Mama died although depending on the schoolmarm, they sometimes came out and helped her with her reading and letter writing. She heard they were going to get a new schoolmaster next year. Mr. Henderson’s cousin was coming to town. She had met him the previous at the Henderson’s Christmas party. He seemed nice enough although a bit shy. She couldn’t imagine him keeping the twins in line, or any of the other boys if he didn’t get over the shyness fairly quickly.


Jonathan Haynes said...

I like the picture, lol.

trying to write ... said...

i loved it!!! it seemed to invoke the exact feeling i was trying to share .... thanks so much