Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Writing prompt from Dancing mermaid: Now is the time

Now is the time. Not a moment later. Let’s get in the car and go and drive until something catches our fancy and then stop and stay for however long. Let’s find a place that has a merry go round and ride it just for fun. Let’s eat some sort of foreign food where you sit on the floor and use your fingers. Or go somewhere for lunch and just order appetizers and desserts – a whole table full.
Let’s buy a hundred butterflies – like people do for weddings – and let them loose in the living room with all the windows and doors wide open and watch them fly free. Let’s share a banana split out in the spring air, field a field of wild flowers and walk through it.
Let’s go to the mall and find a pet store and hold the bunnies. Eat too many gummy bears and then go into a store with funny hats and try them all on while taking pictures. Let’s run down the ramps and laugh too loud so people look at us.
Let’s go to the grocery store and see who can fill their cart up the fastest with foods that contain all the letters of the alphabet, playing hide and seek, hollering Marco Polo up and down the aisles.
Let’s get all dressed up in our fancy clothes and go someplace we wouldn’t … spend an indecent amount of money on food and drink and then dance under the stars out somewhere away from the crowds to the music on the radio.
Let’s go ice skating in the middle of the summer and then drink hot chocolate because we’re cold and afterwards go swimming because its 106. Let’s shoot off fireworks, have waffles and ice cream for supper, go out and watch a movie at midnight. Let’s stay up all night playing games and watching movies and then watch the sunrise and afterwards let’s sleep all day and pretend we’re living the life of rock stars.
Let’s sit on the back porch and blow bubbles and drink fresh pink lemonade. Let’s put up a hammock in the shade, a big one so we can both lay there and read and nap together.
Let’s do it. Now is the time.

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Anonymous said...

Great job! great ideas!! Now get out there and make all of your wishes come true!!
all the best is waiting out there for you to enjoy.... now is the time!
Naming all the stars