Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sarah's prompt: There was never any need to explain

There was never any need to explain. They always understood what the other was saying long before the thought, or sentence, or story was finished. No one else understood of course, and that could never be explained. It seemed that despite their best efforts, others around them were constantly shaking their heads disapprovingly. What difference did it make? But often it seemed they seemed to enjoy each other’s company far too much and no one could figure it out.
In very short order it seemed there were suspicions, and knowing glances and ah hah’s mentioned. They had to become much more circumspect in their meetings. No more jumping to the other’s defense. Their support and encouragement for one another had to be tempered. They began to be careful about mentioning the other and even in a crowded room were careful not to stand too close together or laugh too loud at the other’s joke. Even that wasn’t enough to satisfy the gossipers, so finally they met only in a crowd and their conversations were about the weather and golf. At least so it seemed.
What no one knew of course was that every word had two meanings. One day as they casually mentioned to each other a string of upcoming sunny days and a great opportunity to get in a really good game of golf. The entire conversation taking place at the dinner table amongst family and friends with most of the grown ups concurring that yes rumor had it that the weather was turning for the better most likely on the following Thursday or possibly Friday. As suspected the weather did change Thursday afternoon. Of course in Tahiti, its always warm and sunny, especially that Thursday and the two of them; well there was never any need to explain.

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