Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sarah's prompt: Looking in the mirror 2

I’d wondered about it at first, although deep down I think I knew what was happening. I first noted that my reflection seemed a bit dim or faded. I had switched the lights on and off and then changed out all the bulbs but for some reason it still seemed, I don’t know as if it was hard to see – and I know this sounds ridiculous – but it seemed hard to see myself.
I tried other mirrors in the house with no difference. So I went to the optician’s to see if perhaps, my eyes were bad.
“No, Mrs. Brumbles there doesn’t appear to be any change in your prescription,” he said, “Everything looks good here.”
I wandered through the mall later and noticed a group of young women, laughing and talking as they passed the cosmetics counter. Looking in the mirrors, I noticed that the mirrors seemed backlit with their reflections. Shining forth glowing skin and sparkling eyes, it must be some special lighting they have to make you purchase their products, I thought to myself but as I walked up to the mirror to investigate further my dim reflection shown back at me.
How odd, really. It got harder to get ready in the morning, I could barely well enough to put on my makeup and comb my hair. Finally it happened. One morning, I walked in the bathroom and looked in the mirror and there was no reflection at all. Good Heavens, now what. I could clearly see that I was there if I looked down at my body but there was nothing left of my reflection in the mirror.
I considered the strangeness of this for several days without mentioning it to anyone. One morning as I was hustling the children out the door for school I passed the mirror in the hall with my youngest and suddenly I could see myself again. I stopped and told them to hurry and get in the car and I walked back to the mirror but no reflection.
Now I’ve taken to getting ready in the morning in the children’s bathroom. Its only when they are around that, looking in the mirror, I can find any reflection of myself.


Sarah Salway said...

Gina, I LOVED this! See, it was worth doing twice!!!! Could you expand this idea? I'd love more of it.

trying to write ... said...

thanks .... I'll work on it

PlanoJohn said...

I loved it too.