Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sarah's prompt: In the shop window

I passed the store once or twice a week on my way to the sandwich shop. Pretty sparklies all shining there. Some of them drop dead gorgeous with, of course, a price tag to match. Others so incredibly ugly you wonder who would shell out good money for such ugly jewelry, until of course you round the corner and see some fat old woman wearing that big ugly ring on her sausage shaped fingers or a gaudy necklace around her waddled turkey neck, or some young woman with a safety pin stuck in her eyebrow and that very bracelet you shook your head at around her too skinny wrist. Rarely did I spend more than a moment or two at the window until the day they put the yellow diamond ring in the case. Not so fantastically gorgeous to turn every head and yet there was something there that seemed to call my name. It was a pretty tear drop cut with little shimmery white diamonds on either side, set it in gold.
The man in the shop saw me looking at it and smiling, he gestured for me to come in. But I simply smiled back, waved and walked away. Two days later we went through the same routine again and I’m afraid to say, yet again on Friday afternoon. On Monday as I walked past the window pretending not to look I saw some pretty daisies all around the box with the ring and a little card with hand written letters that simply said “hello”.
When I looked up he smiled and winked. I nodded and smiled back as I made my way to the sandwich shop ( for the fifth time in 7 days).
The next day I decided to see what other lunch spots might be in the vicinity of the sandwich shop and so was forced (forced?) to walk past the jeweler’s window. Amidst the daisies and beside the beautiful ring was a note that read “It would look beautiful on you.” I smiled and looked up but the man was not there. As I walked away I quickly convinced myself that the note was meant for any woman passing by but when I walked back to the office I was surprised to see a second note that read “Yes, I meant you.”
“And that my darling is how I met and fell in love with your father. Now close your eyes and go to sleep.” I bent down and kissed Isabel on the forehead, got up and shut the light, leaving the door ajar. I walked down the hall to find the man in the shop window.


pierre l said...

such a lovely romantic story!

trying to write ... said...

thank you

PlanoJohn said...

Awe...that is a sweet story.

PlanoJohn said...
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