Wednesday, November 28, 2007

messages - submission nov 28

Merry Christmas indeed! Who came up with this stupid holiday anyway? All this fa la la and Happy Holidays. Here I sit in front of the stupid television watching pathetic Christmas specials while eating half a tub of cookie dough.
I know I need to move on. He did, with that little blonde headed, tree hugging, nitwit. Excuse me “earthy”. That’s how he describes her. “Earthy.” Earthy!
If she was earthy, she wouldn’t have paved over the garden would she? If she’d any sense for nature she wouldn’t have killed off Jane’s plants.
She probably threw out all the beautiful ornaments they’d had and decorated the tree in purple and orange or something ridiculous like that. I guarantee there will no garland over the fireplace this year. Oh no, she’ll probably put seashells and twinkle lights and use some sort of teal ribbon.
She’s a slut who likes to show off her nakedness in whatever form – painting, sketching, sculpture. Now mind you I can see that she has a bit of talent. I’ve been down to the gallery – of course only when I knew she was away.
Honestly, I don’t know what he sees in her. But she’s been quite a hit with some of our old friends. Friends? Why they would spend time with her I can’t understand. She is nothing at all like Jane or any of us really.
Brian and I had spent so much time together when Jane was sick. We really grew quite fond of each other. I know it’s a bit morbid but I think Jane approved. I was certain he and I would be announcing our engagement this Christmas – it has been almost a year after all. We would have been so happy together - if it hadn’t been for the earthy girl!

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