Thursday, November 22, 2007

messages - submission nov 22

Not really superstitious, more cautious than anything. Always checked for oncoming traffic and then checked again. Careful to read all the instructions. Rarely took unnecessary risks. She was the steady one, the responsible one, the reliable one.
She always wrote thank you notes. She took extra steps to insure that she didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings.
It was only by the oddest coincidence that she met him. A friend of a friend had been in the hospital and she had stopped by to see her. He arrived at the same time she had. The three of them sat and chatted for almost an hour. She got up to leave and he walked out with her.
“Dinner?” He asked.
“Well, I …”
“Oh come on, we’re practically old friends now. A little dinner won’t hurt. It’s late already and if you’re just going to stop and pick up something to eat on the way home why don’t we eat together?”
She acquiesced. They went to a small but elegant little place south of the boulevard. He ordered hors d’ovoeres and wine. He insisted she try the soup and the amazing house dressing on the salad. He ordered more wine with dinner and she could feel herself beginning to get warm. He ordered Bailey’s with dessert and she could feel her cheeks getting numb.
They walked to her place and she felt blissfully, delightfully happy. She rested her head against his shoulder. She poured them both a brandy and she could taste it on his lips. Things were moving way too fast. She knew better. She didn’t care. This one time she was throwing caution to the wind, didn’t care about the risks. She was going to be irresponsible.
Of course it happened. In the end, he robbed her. He stole her heart.

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