Tuesday, November 13, 2007

messages - submission nov 13

She gets in the car and heads for the hotel. Its time isn’t it? Well past time, more than 9 years past. She parks the car, dials her husband’s cell number knowing that he’s in a meeting. She leaves a message and hangs up the phone. She opens the glove box and puts her cell phone in it and closes it.
She pulls up to the valet just as the transport for the airport is pulling in. She walks to the concierge. He indicates that she should proceed to the transport. She is joined by several others and they head quickly to the airport. She feels like a school girl and glances over her shoulder periodically as if she may get caught for doing something she shouldn’t.
It’s a short flight and upon landing they are met by the guide who leads them to the bus.
She glances at her watch and furrows her brow. No doubt he’s gotten her message and he’s probably not happy about it. But c’est la vie, she laughs. They speak French in Canada don’t they?
It’s a short ride to Niagara Falls and suddenly she is breathless. The sound and the sight of it all! She is wide eyes as she walks all around and looks about her. The trip down behind the falls makes her feel small like a child and full of wonder, amazed and overwhelmed and the roar of the falls that close is louder than she had ever imagined.
The group is brought to a restaurant that overlooks the falls. They are led to their seats. At the table are 12 yellow roses and as she is escorted she sees a small wrapped package from Tiffany’s. Very perplexed she sits down and reads the card.
“Happy 40th Birthday My Love! “

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