Thursday, July 5, 2007

As overheard on the road

"I don't wish to interrupt..." but clearly she did or she would not have interrupted us to begin with.

sigh "Yes, what is it?"

"Well if you must know..." I really could have cared less but clearly she was going to tell us so we may as well get on with it. I gave her my full attention for just a moment. "Well you know that old couple that lives just a ways around the corner." I rolled my eyes, luckily I had had the good sense to close them first though. I smiled and looked at her again. "Well it seems like just the other day but it must have been several months ago ... you'll remember they had those visitors from God know where." I really wish she would get to it I thought I'm really getting hungry.

"Anyway, rumor had it that after the visitors who were very important people you know ... after they came there was all kinds of expectations and now its happened."

Lamb stew I think would be good for supper ... some flat bread and lamb stew.

"... its crazy but I heard it ... I don't know how it could be true I mean he is old as the hills and she's younger of course but still no spring chicken. Can you believe it?" ooops I think I missed it.

"I'm sorry what did you say."

"I know i couldn't believe it either when I first heard it. You could have knocked me over with a feather but supposedly its true. They're having a baby. God only konws how. I think she must have foudn someone on the side because he's like 100 for crying out loud."

I looked at her. "Sarah is having a baby?"

She sighed. "That's what I've been saying the whole time weren't you listening."

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