Monday, June 25, 2007

read the first line in a blog and had to write about it

The puppies had escaped and were running wildly about the kitchen. Two of them were playing a game of push me pull you with father's slipper. Three were playing scamper and chase between the kitchen chairs amd two were barking at Cat, who took little notice of them.

Mother came into the kitchen and tried to herd them back into the laundry room but alas she had shown them another way of escape and quicker than you could say Jack Robinson they were out and running through the living room. One had found the baby's stuffed elephant and was carrying it over his head by the trunk. The black one piddled right in front of father's chair.

Mother called for reinforcement's and in a tumble of hilarity the boys came in and chased the puppies here and there and more or less got them all back into the laundry except the little white pawed one that you knew was going to be trouble. She had hidden under the sofa and when she thought it was all clear came scampering out to claim the elephant for herself. Unfortunately Mother saw her and scooped her up, kissed her on her little head and sent her back in with the rest.

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