Saturday, June 16, 2007

trying to write ....i begin

ok ... so i have always wanted to write but have found it difficult at best to write regularly ... only once when i was takeing a script writing class did i write consistently for any length of time ... over the years i've written children's stories .... counting stories ... fairytales.... i've written poetry ... and stopped and started several different times on what was going to be a novel ... so this blog will be my writing board.... the only way to write is to write ...

you may not find anything worth reading here ... but i will be putting my thoughts to paper ... or making things up as a i go ... commenting on the world around ....perhaps doing exercises from writing books that i may be reading ... there is a blog that i read that's called 12 old masters or something like that where she makes up dialog or part of a story from various paintings ... i like that so may work off of that idea once a week myself ... linking you to either the artwork or photo that i'm using ....

we'll see what happens....

today's writing ...


I was hoping to be
someone else entirely.
Someone who was full of fun,
laughing, free, without a care,
Settled, without fear or angst.
Knowing that I'd gotten "there"
To a place of joy and peace,
not weary and dismayed.
Here I am
not "there" at all
and wondering ...
If I will be arriving "there"

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